Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting Dong Nam A Global Telecom. Dong Nam A Global Telecom. is committed to honoring the privacy of our members and visitors.

Please take into consideration that if you agree to the Terms and Conditions or to the Software End User License Agreement then you also agree to our Privacy Policy. Since we regard your personal data as being highly important we strongly recommend that you take your time and read all the legal documents that are posted on our website in order to fully understand your rights and duties.

Who is Dong Nam A Global Telecom. and what products does it offer?
Dong Nam A Global Telecom. is located in 9551 Bolsa Avenue, Westminster, California 92683, United States. Dong Nam A Global Telecom. offers various telecommunications products such as prepaid phone cards, prepaid pinless and others.

What information does Dong Nam A Global Telecom. receive and how do we use it?
When you register a Dong Nam A Global Telecom. account, we ask you for your name, contact information, preferences, and certain demographic information. This information lets us provide personalized services for you.

In order to sell our products we need banking and payment related information such as credit card information. This will enable you to successfully complete a purchase on our website.

When you use the Dong Nam A Global Telecom. website, software or services, we might gather additional information from you, including, but not limited to: IP address, connection information, bandwidth statistics, traffic data, URLs, test calls, chat conversations etc.

We also use aggregated information about the use of our website, services or software. We might also gather information in order to determine what your usage patterns are when interacting with our website, services or software. This information is required in order to evaluate our users' preferences and improve our level of service.

Like most websites, we use small bits of data called cookies, stored on users' computers to simulate a continuous connection. Cookies let us "remember" information about your preferences and passwords and allow you to move within our website without reintroducing yourself. Recent versions of browsers let you easily see and control cookies.

What is the purpose of collecting such information?
We collect the information described above for multiple purposes including, but not limited to:

  1. Providing and personalizing services for our customers;
  2. Marketing purposes;
  3. Enabling customers to order, purchase and download services or software;
  4. Checking for new versions of software and providing updates;
  5. Providing customer service and support;
  6. Informing the customers regarding updates, notices, new services, offers, promotions etc.
  7. Requesting and receiving customer feedback, answering to complaints, comparing and analyzing survey results;
  8. Protecting the customers and Dong Nam A Global Telecom. against fraud;
  9. Improving our websites, software and products and ensuring a high level of quality in our services.

Collecting or processing your personal data shall be carried out in a secure, fair, reasonable, lawful and appropriate way, only for specified legitimate and explicit purposes.

The information that we collect shall be stored for as long as necessary to fulfill one or more of the above mentioned purposes or as long as required by mandatory applicable law.

What are my rights concerning personal information?
While we need certain information to register you as a unique user and let you access personalized services, such as My Account, other requested information is optional and may be given at your discretion.

We occasionally send an email newsletter to Dong Nam A Global Telecom. members to highlight features of our service. You can elect not to receive communications from us, by noting your preference in response to communications from us.

Also, we encourage Dong Nam A Global Telecom. members to update and edit their personal information and keep it current. You can easily correct or update your personal information at any time via My Account section.

You can send us a request, on reasonable grounds, to stop collecting personal information or to delete the private data that you submitted to us. However, please take into consideration that by fulfilling your request we shall not be able to continue providing our services or software to you.

You can also stop using our services at any time if you do not agree with our Privacy Policy or if you feel that your personal information might be at risk.

Considering that the Dong Nam A Global Telecom. website, software and services are available in multiple countries, you might be under a jurisdiction or applicable law that has specific provisions concerning information privacy.

For instance, if you are located in Canada then you should know that you have the following rights:

  1. to understand the reasons why Dong Nam A Global Telecom. collects, uses, or discloses personal information;
  2. to expect Dong Nam A Global Telecom. to collect, use, protect or disclose personal information in a reasonable, secure and appropriate way;
  3. to understand that Dong Nam A Global Telecom. has duties in protecting your personal information;
  4. to expect the personal information held by Dong Nam A Global Telecom. to be accurate, complete, and up-to-date;
  5. to have the access to your personal information and to ask for any corrections;
  6. to complain in case Dong Nam A Global Telecom. disregards such rights.

Dong Nam A Global Telecom. shall not, under any circumstance, collect or process personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership, and the processing of data concerning health or sex life.

If you consider that any rights with regard to your private data have been neglected or broken please inform us immediately. We shall use our best efforts in order to help you protect your privacy.

What kind of security is used to protect my information?
We store all user information in secure databases protected by a variety of access controls. This data is accessed only for the purposes specified in this privacy statement.

Who has access to my information?
We do not share personally identifiable data with other companies, except as necessary to fulfill a transaction you have requested(i.e. your credit card company) or any contractual relationship in which Dong Nam A Global Telecom. might be a party (such as website maintenance agreements).

We shall not sell, offer, lease, rent, trade, exchange or otherwise transfer any personal identifiable data or communications content to any third non affiliate party without your written consent, unless we are forced to do so by applicable mandatory law or by an official written document issued by competent authorities. Also, Dong Nam A Global Telecom. may be required by law to share such information in response to legal process, such as a court order or subpoena.

On the Dong Nam A Global Telecom. website or within the Dong Nam A Global Telecom. Software you might find additional links to third party websites or software. In this case, please take into consideration that Dong Nam A Global Telecom. does not control such websites or software and therefore cannot be held responsible or liable for any privacy issues that you may have by using these websites or software. If any affiliated or nonaffiliated third party website or software has a proprietary privacy policy, please take your time and read it before using such service. Dong Nam A Global Telecom. shall not be held liable or responsible for any privacy infringement caused to you by third parties.

What about children's information?
Children may not register for Dong Nam A Global Telecom. or use any Dong Nam A Global Telecom. services that require personally identifiable information.