About Us

About Us

Dong Nam A Global Telecom. is a international long-distance telecom company established in 2002 from the main company known as Asia-Pacific Telecommunications whose headquarters is located in Southern California.

Over years in international telecom, Dong Nam A Global Telecom. has built the credibility and trust of customers all over the United States on features as standards of the company. They are:

  1. The most reliabe source
  2. Crystal sound quality
  3. The best prices
  4. The best customer service
  5. 100% Satisfaction guarantee

Technical center of Dong Nam A Global Telecom. is based in California, the heart of the United States's telecom industry. With the newest and the most modern technology updated on time, we have perfectly transmitted all the needs of customers at any time to anywhere in the world, bringing the highest trust and satisfaction to customers so far.

The main office of Dong Nam A Global Telecom. is based in Little Saigon, which as the capital of the Vietnamese community the United States. We welcome all of you around the United States and Canada to us for service, instruction & support in all respects including society, immigration,
asylum, and international telecommunication.

Dong Nam A Global Telecom. will definitely bring to all Vietnamese customers the best com-
munication means with the best service and the company prestige is always the first priority as a reply
to the kind trust from all users over the United States and Canada.